My Journey into the Orthodox Church
By Debbie Tatich

I have always been a Christian. I was baptized and raised in the Methodist Church. I attended church and Sunday school every Sunday, and was part of the youth group growing up. As I got older I explored several denominations and churches. I enjoyed them, my faith grew because of them, I formed bonds and provided services through those churches. I continued to search though. As I started to raise a family, my desire to find the right place for us grew. Click Here to read the Full Testimonal

My Journey into the Orthodox Church

By Carrie Ann Bartyzel

I started coming to the Orthodox Church with my husband’s family to see what kind of love and support I could receive. I came from a broken home of five children in Northern California, and I became an Atheist incollege and had little direction. Click Here to read the Full Testimonal

My Journey into the Orthodox Church
By Amy Filler

I encountered Orthodoxy through my husband. Our first real date began with the Divine Liturgy. I was a life-long Lutheran and my faith was always the central focus of my life. I was blessed to have been raised by godly parents who took me to church services weekly and taught me to pray frequently throughout the day. My desire to read the Bible and learn more about my faith was encouraged. The church was the most important part of our activity in my family. For sixteen years I worked for the Lutheran church and my work was my whole life. Chronic illness eventually took its toll on me and I could not continue my work. Click Here to read the Full Testimonal